Sunday, 26 August 2012


" Assalammualaikum Kak CT. Sorry late to inform u regarding the dulang's, alhamdullillah all the things are good..Happy for it landed safely. "

Effa whatsapp-ed me just now. What a relief knowing that all the hantaran, dulang, bunga and vases, centerpiece bouquets and hand bouquets have landed safely in Sabah. 


the deal is that...i gubah all the hantaran, centerpiece bouquets and hand bouquets using artificial flower...rare ya...because Gubah By Sit
 usually use fresh flower...BUT for Effa...we made exception!

so, for transportation, we have to...cling-wrapped everything!!! and the idea is that Effa would have to rearrange the flower and all afterwards...aaaaand she made it...see picture for comparison...

cantik ok Efa susun...*risau* dah melawan towkey la pulak!

hehe...thank YOU Effa and congratulations!

*dulang hantaran jam...with feathers tu...Effa yang susun...the other pic, from Gubah...before it was being cling-wrapped in picture below!!!

*me with Effa.

*even the hand bouquet we cling-wrapped it also!!!

*all packed and ready to leave on a jet plane to Sabah.

Mimi and Her Significant Other | 18 Yellow Roses

to Mimi and partner...

Congratulations and thank YOU!!!